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Big Clever Learning acquires Sherston

Oct 03

Founded in 1983 in the Wiltshire village of the same name Sherston has pioneered online education particularly in the areas of game-based and adaptive learning and is a familiar name to teachers and schools across the world. Sherston’s most well known products include award-winning Crystal which covers Computing, supported by Rainforest Coding and Planet Sherston which covers Science, English, Maths and Humanities.

Big Clever Learning has also appointed a dynamic leadership team for the business. Former WPP agency CEO and Non-Exec of FutureLearn Justin Cooke joins as Chairman, David Hart Co-Founder of digital product agency Codegent and former Pearson Education Head of Marketing becomes Chief Product Officer and Chris Davison joins from Discovery Education as Sales Director.

 “When you dig deep into the history of the world’s leading educational publishers, almost all of them were created by teachers, for teachers. Our plan for Sherston is to build a community of teachers and parents and enable them to help us create exciting and innovative teaching and learning experiences of the future, and share in the value while blending this with all of the features that mobile, social and rich media offer us to create a world-class education platform used and useful to everyone.” commented Justin Cooke.

Over the next few months the Sherston team will be travelling the country engaging with teachers, school heads, local authorities, parents, educationalists and technologists to help us create the platform of the future, which will be unveiled in January 2016.

In parallel Sherston will shortly be announcing a significant upgrade to its current product range to ensure that it remains best in class and aligned to the current Curriculum.

Anyone willing to share their thoughts or wishing to sign up for a free trial of Sherston’s products should contact Chris Davison on 07803 064268 or email