Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've forgotten my login details?

A: We can get your login details re-set quickly and easily. Just send us your schools address, postcode, and your user name (If you can remember it) and we will get in touch to confirm your login details and re-set your password.

Q: I'm having trouble Importing my pupil data?

A: Sometimes it can be the simplest thing that can stop your pupil data from being imported correctly. Ensure you have downloaded the template file from our site (Under the Manage Pupils Tab) and filled in your pupil details, creating an individual file for each class. Ensure that all passwords and user names are over 5 characters long and try to make your user names as unique as possible (perhaps include a prefix of the schools initials). If you're still having trouble getting your data imported. Email a file over to our support team, where we will look over the data and point out any issues we can.

Q: How do I check my subscription information?

A: To check your subscriptions and see your expiry date, simply log in to your Administrator account, then click the 'My Subscriptions' link in the Control Panel (Underneath the map). This will show you all of your current subscriptions, the date the subscription started and the expiry date. Alternatively, contact us with your schools details (address and postcode). We will then send a list of all the subscriptions you have access to.

Q: How can I take out a trial of one of your modules?

A: We offer trials of all of our resource modules. To start a trial, simply email us with your schools details (address and postcode), along with the modules you would like a trial of. We will then get back in touch to confirm the trial has been applied and when it expires. We will keep in touch during the trial to ensure you are getting the best experience possible from the resources.

Q: I'm trying to sign up to Planet Sherston, but your site says my school can't be found?

A:Sometimes our system has requires us to update information from our end. If you experience an issue when signing up to our site. Simply send through the following details and we will process the request for you: your name, email address, position in school, school details, schools DFES number (if applicable).

Q: What training do you offer for schools?

A: We are proud to offer support to all of our schools. There are many useful teacher guides within the Sherston services that may be able to offer some curriculum advice or usage tips. We are always delighted to provide assistance over the phone if you would like help to make even better use of the resources. And can offer in-school support for 1:1 teacher meetings, departmental sessions, whole staff sessions and cluster meetings. Please contact us to find out more.